Seeing Through Emptiness

seeing through the emptiness

By Rakesh Singh / Better Habits / 7 min

The pot has got something that our eyes can't see; its emptiness. It is this emptiness that makes the pot valuable and gives it a deeper meaning or otherwise it's more than just a mass of clay.

Why I'm into reading?

i am into reading

By Rakesh Singh / Better Habits / 5 min

Reading a good book is an event in my life and you will never find a book long enough to suit me

Living More With Less

living more with less

By Rakesh Singh / Minimalism / 7 min

What would happen if you just continue removing your one possession - just one - each day for a month? What would happen?

The Compounding Power Of Habit

compounding power of habit

By Rakesh Singh / Self Improvement / 6 min

Its the everyday habits that separates successful and unsuccessful person.

Five Books That Worth Reading

five imreading

By Rakesh Singh / Everyday Learning / 6 min

We have compiled a list of five books that you should read.

The Fault In Our Thinking

fault in thinking

By Rakesh Singh / Psychology / 8 min

Its better to see the world through the eyes of statistics instead of scanning with our own.

Understanding Pareto's Principle

Pareto principle

By Rakesh Singh / Psychology / 7 min

A controversial Italian Economist first revealed that why tiny population do most of the work or holds most of the possession.

Are You Spending or Investing It?

spending vs investing

By Rakesh Singh / Thinking / 7 min

Time is just like money, you can either spend it or invest it. You can't see or touch but you know it's ther

The Need To Belong

need to belong

By Rakesh Singh / Thinking / 4 min

We all want to be seen, to be liked, to be heard, to be loved, to be understand and to be valued.