The One Percent Improvement

one percent improvement

By Rakesh Singh / Psychology / 4 min

Focuses on insightful statistics which has changed the world over the last 100 years.

Dealing With Digital Clutter

digital clutter

By Rakesh Singh / Psychology / 5 min

There's a simple tactic of minimalism: dealing with less is much easier than trying to organize more.

The Pursuit Of Happiness

pursuit of happiness

By Rakesh Singh / Thinking / 7 min

The happiness hangs on the quality of our thoughts and work.

Learning To Let Go

Learning to let go

By Rakesh Singh / Thinking / 7 min

The best way to stay happy is to let it all go.

The Power Of Small Wins

power of small wins

By Rakesh Singh / Decision Making / 7 min

I set myself out by concocting two lists. The first one held unaccomplished tasks, everything that needed to be learned while the other one occupied with the accomplished tasks, things I learned.

Increasing The Odds Of Success

the odds of success

By Rakesh Singh / Decision Making / 5 min

Genes do not determines the your destiny because they determine the areas of opportunity. Pick up the right field and the progress isn't so much hard. Pick up the wrong field and life will be a struggle.

Nothing Lasts Forever

nothing lasts forever

By Rakesh Singh / Thinking / 5 min

The good news is nothing lasts forever and the bad news is nothing lasts forever. Everything is ephemeral.