Farnam Street

In a world full of noise, Farnam Street is a place where you can step back and think about time-tested ideas while asking yourself questions that lead to meaningful understanding.


Gates Notes

This is a personal blog of Bill Gates, where he share about the people he meet, the books he is reading, and what he is learning.


The Minimalists

Minimalists don’t focus on having less, less, less. We focus on making room for more: more time, more passion, more creativity, more experiences, more contribution, more contentment, more freedom.



A Whack On The Side of The Head

By Roger Von Oech

A "creative thinking workshop in a box," with 64 different strategies to be used individually, in meetings, or in a workshop setting. Puzzles, anecdotes, exercises, cartoons, questions, quotations, and stories help readers break through mental blocks and unlock the mind for innovative problem solving and creativity.



By Hans Rosling

Why Things Are Better Than You Think is a 2018 book by Hans Rosling. In his book, Rosling suggests the vast majority of human beings are wrong about the state of the world. It also explains why progress is so often secret and silent and teaches readers how to see it clearly.


Mastering The Market Cycle

By Howard Marks

One of the most successful Wall Street investors of all time provides practical insight and keen analysis on how to track, and react to, the ups and downs of the stock market. Marks reveals the hidden logic in carefully pinpointing market trends so that every investor can profit.

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