Why I Blog

15th August 2020 | Reading time: 5 min
By Rakesh Singh

Why I Blog?


have been blogging a long time - one year to be exact. Blogging has evolved and reinvented itself with time. Do you know that the blogging officially began in 1993 in U.S. and currently it has around 31.7 million bloggers. At the end of each month, I sit back and think about my blog platform. It's not my full time job and yet it is something that I immensely care about. I feel a need to write or create something - even if I'm just a beginner and I'm not here to sell any kind of stuff but to share some snippets of my life by keeping things simple and alive (without exaggerating) and that has been my favorite part when it comes to blogging which ultimately helps me to be a learner.

Ever since I started this blog last year on 3rd August 2019, a lot of people have been ceaselessly asking me why do I blog. Sometimes I even ask same questions to myself, "Why do I blog?", "Do I have any purpose?", "Who the hell is reading my blog?", "Should I continue?" day in and day out. Despite the fact that after getting positive feedbacks and comments from many people on social media, after my article was featured on some other websites, after getting 600 views every month and 70 new followers on Twitter and 68 on Facebook in the first month, I still had countless doubts inside my head.

There are many great writers out there, so why anyone would read my article?

There are many great article out there, why bother?

There are so many people who are more knowledgeable than me, why bother?

No one is reading my blog, why should I even write one?

My quality sucks...

But these self-doubts empowered me to embrace the growth mindset and offered me a chance to reflect on how much I have travelled in other areas. Like I was never a good writer but now I'm gradually becoming a better one. I really hated coding and designing but now I'm maintaing every corner this website and I also badly hated morning workouts but now I am doing it five days a week (which keeps my life and work pretty much in balance). The best way to stay motivated is none other than by keeping the track of progress you are making everyday.

I didn't saw any progress or statistics within the first six months after launching this blog in my both Google Analytics and Search console accounts but I anticipated that the graphs will soon emerge. And that's what exactly happened after a couple months. The graph of my very first article disclosed something significant. My article was read by thirty three people worldwide. Again after a couple of months, number hit two hundred and eighty. Now the stats keeps changing everyday revealing the actual progress of my blog, which is quite sufficient to eliminates all the wicked thoughts. By the way, what's more satisfying when you see your work is now paying you off. That's how I realized that thousand of people have now started reading my words lately.

I don't actually remember where I heard this phrase but it's highly a universal truth.

It is the consistency that tranforms an average into excellence.

This blog is a true reflection of who am I and what am I doing; an extension of mine. A place where I document my life at one place. Most importantly, this blog has taught me how to think clearly, how to write better, how to consume less and create more, how can I make my life more meaningful. It has curated my opinions about things in life. Writing down your thoughts on paper is a perfect way to filter all your ideas and thought process. A kind of creative release. If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above everything else: read a lot and write a lot.

So, here I am blogging now because I am neither a good blogger nor a good writer and therefore I need practice. Now I understand more clearly than ever by writing.

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