The Differences Between Amateur and Professional

16th October 2020 | Reading time: 4 min
By Rakesh Singh

The Differences Between Amateur and Professional


hy is it that some people live their lives up to their potential and while others don't even scratch the surface of success. The answer may vary from person to person but I believe that the answer to this dilemma lies within the contrast between amateurs and professionals. You know that there's only one way to become better at anything is to start working on it.

The difference between an amateur and a professional is in their habits. An amateur has amateur habits. A professional has professional habits. We can never free ourselves from habit. But we can replace bad habits with good ones.

~ Steven Pressfield

The biggest difference between them is entirely based on how they think, how they act and what kind of habits they have. Professionals build their habits and routines that help them to achieve the edge while naive ones are being controlled by their habits.

So here are some few yet notable differences between amateurs and professionals.

#1 | Amateurs wait to be inspired and motivated while professionals stick to the schedule and take actions.

#2 | Amateurs focus on goals but professionals focus on habits.

#3 | Amatuers strive to achieve whereas professionals strive to improve.

#4 | Amateurs avoid failures at all costs while professionals knows that failures are the part of growth.

#5 | Amateurs live for opinions of others whereas professionals seek for the truth.

#6 | Amateurs stop when they achieve something and professionals understand that their first achivement is just a beginning.

#7 | Amateurs have goals. Professionals have a process.

#8 | Amateurs surrender themselves at the first sign of trouble. Professionals see trouble and failure as a path to growth and mastery.

#9 | Amateurs think that they are good at everything. Professionals understand the level of competence.

#10 | Amateurs always focus on being right but professionals focus on getting the best outcome.

#11 | Amateurs think that the best outcome is a result of their brilliance. Professionals know when their best outcome is only a result of luck.

#12 | Amateurs focus on short term goals while professionals focus on long term goals.

#12 | Amateurs focus on tearing people down. Professionals believe in making people better.

#13 | Amateurs tend to see feedback and coaching as someone critisizing them as a person. Professionals know that they have weak spots and work on it.

#14 | Amateurs don't know how to improve the odds of achieving good outcomes. Professionals do.

#15 | Amateurs are weekend warriors while professionals show up everyday.

#16 | Amateurs think that knowledge is their power. Professionals believe in passing on the wisdom to other people.

#17 | Amateurs blame others. Professionals accept responsibility.

#18 | Amateurs move faster than others. Professionals go further.

#19 | Amateurs go with whatever the first idea comes into their head. Professionals know that their first idea is rarely the best idea.

#20 | Amateurs think in absolute terms but professionals think in probabilities.

#21 | Amateurs believe that reality is what they want to see. Professionals know reality is what's true.

#22 | Amateurs see disagreements as threats. Professionals see it as an opportunity to learn.

#23 | Amateurs tend to do the same the work everyday and hope for a different result but professionals know that life never works that way.

#24 | Amateurs are occasional learners while professionals are everyday learners.

Of course, not every possible difference can be written down but they can be boiled down to two things: fear and reality.

Amateurs are scared to bring even a little change in their lives but professionals know that nothing is constant in the world but the change is. Amateurs are scared to be vulnerable and being honest with themselves while professionals know they are capable of handling almost any situation. Amateurs believe that the world should work the way they want but professionals know that they must resonate themselves with world as they find it.

Irrespective of pure luck, which approach do you think would yield better outcome over time?

Time to Think

Are you aware of what's holding you back? Are squandering your time with amateurs when you should be hanging around with professionals?

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