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Our team scours the web and devours hundreds of books a year to bring you the very best of human thinking. No fluff. No noise. Just the most useful insights you can use today to sharpen your mind, make smarter decisions and live with more purpose.

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The Details

• No hard rocket science stuff | Mostly, we just want to understand the world. Really understand it. Studying hundreds and then thousands of cases of success and failure helps you build a repository of “moves” come to mind when you’re faced with hard and uncertain decisions. Learning history helps us think about problems in three-dimensional ways.

• We analyze success and failure | We just want to understand world the way it is. More precisely, its natural laws of failure and success which might help you to make a smarter move when faced hard and uncertain circumstances. The wisdom of learning from failure in introconvertible and history helps us to see our problem from a multi-dimensional perspective.

• We respect your time | It's the only valuable resources we have with us and that's why we never suggest any peice of information until and unless we don't go through it first. We break the big chunks into smaller ones and then server it to. We are not accustomed to 'pass the buck' type of approach.

• We create more & consume less | We don't believe in living with a 'consumeristic' state of mind because it never allows us to think clearly and also prevents us from being content. Its a vicious circle that goes on and on once you step in. That's why to avoid the discontentment, we love to create things that adds value to your life. If you want to see some of our work, visit our resources page.

• We declutter | It is our blind and sentimental attachments is what holds us back. One never think clearly with a cluttered mind. That's why it is quite necessary to let go of all the things that doesn't serves us anymore on our journey. Adhering to this policy, we endeavour to create more focused and more tailored articles or resources with an intention that it may help you.

No spam, No hard-stuff, No politics, No BS.