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In our comfort zone, we consume a lot and create a little.~ Rakesh Singh

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Why is it that some people live their lives up to their potential and while others don't even scratch the surface of success. The answer may vary from person to person but I believe that the answer to this dilemma lies within the contrast between amateurs and professionals. You know that there's only one way to become better at anything is to start working on it.

Would you believe me if I say that there's a drug out there that has the potential to leave you emotionally dependent on it? Its absence will make you feel anxious and that anyone can partake? It is freely available and its consumption rate is quite high among teenagers affecting their mental health and relations and they don't feel it and believes it to be a harmless. As a result, quality of life starts to fade, conversations decline and time has no value for them. The drug is insidious and it's social media.

I have been blogging a long time - one year to be exact. Blogging has evolved and reinvented itself with time. Do you know that the blogging officially began in 1993 in U.S. and currently it has around 31.7 million bloggers. At the end of each month, I sit back and think about my blog platform. It's not my full time job and yet it is something that I immensely care about. I feel a need to write or create something - even if I'm just a beginner and I'm not here to sell any kind of stuff but to share some snippets of my life by keeping things simple and alive

Doers and thinkers from Leonardo to Shakespeare and Newton to Jobs literally 'stole' their inspiration from the legends that existed long before them. It may seem very easy to look at the geniuses like Newton and imagine their ideas and work a complete product of their mind, like they spun it entirely from their own thoughts. But that's rarely the case. Innovative and creative ideas have to come from somewhere else.

Look, I know that our individualistic society is not very good in slowing down. But we must and its only option we have. At least for a while. Although it is no longer about just you and me - but we must consider everyone else, which seems like a paradox when we talk about 'social distancing'. Right now one of the best things you can do is to love people from afar.

When was the last time you thought about how the things on Internet affects your life? There's a simple tactic of minimalism that says dealing with less is much easier than trying to organize more. And this tactic equally applies to the digital world just as much it does in the physical world. But being a digitized person can still be a problematic: you can't eliminate the digitized clutter completely. But you can organize your possessions. Right?.

Writing is an art and today everyone around you is a writer. Don't you think? I mean whether you write book, blog posts, text messages, Instagram captions or tweet - no matter what's your preferred medium - you are a writer. But what makes you a better writer? Its pretty difficult to teach someone how to write better in one blog post as there are number of ways that would improve your writing. So here are some of the fundamental tips on how to write better.

Every person around us has some kind of habit which they perform on a regular basis. It may be checking phone, reading books, cooking, smoking, cycling, running, waking up early and many more. So what a habit is all about? A habit is a routine or practice or an act performed regularly; an automatic response to specific situation. These infinitesimally acts shapes a person identity and thought process.

What we are about to see is that in a given process or system some people matters more than others. Why someone's message spreads much quickly than others? Why some books become a national bestseller while others don't? Back in 1800s, nobody was aware about such phenomenon until a man named Vilfred Pareto was fussing about it in his garden while looking at some peapods.

A couple of weeks earlier, I was taking a morning walk in a nearby park and after walking for a while, I sat down on a bench and took a long, slow and deep breath which really relaxed me for a moment. As the air rushed into my lungs through the nostrils, a familiar thought again appeared inside my head with much greater than the speed of light. It came with a heavy feeling. A kind of feeling that everyone experience once in his lifetime. But mine was a feeling of loss, a feeling...

'Belongingness' is a natural drive in humans, a sort of emotional need to be an accepted member of community or a group. Whether it is family, friends, co-workers or something else, people tend to have an 'inherent' desire to belong or to be a part of something which is greater and more important than themselves.

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Everything is ephemeral. After a certain timeline everything begins to fade away. The good news is nothing lasts forever and the bad news is nothing lasts forever. Nothing exists afterwards. End is inevitable. Whatever we desire, whether good or bad, our lives are limited. And yet, we cling to our past experiences expecting that they will continuously provide those perpetual feelings and happiness.

Have we gone wrong in not paying the attention to the emptiness in the cosmos and within us? Most of the time we give more priority to being occupied, engagement, finding meaning and attaining fulfillment in everyday existence. There is common and popular belief that an idle mind is the devil's home and that's why we are much concerned about engaging ourselves in doing something. But the statistics seems to point in opposite direction.