Things I Learned In Last Two Decades

30th December 2019 | Reading time: 7 min
By Rakesh Singh

what I learned in 2019

Its 30th December 2019

Its been just a couple of days past this Christmas and the end of 2019 is in sight which also marks the arrival of new year. A few more hours to go and this year will be ceased in time. People might have already started looking forward to make their new year's resolution. But I wanted to end this year with you by reflecting on on the things I learned and experienced in last twenty year and set intention for what I wish to do the next year through this article.

So enjoy!


The motion-commotion and chaos of our society makes us think like we are running out of time. But are we really running out of time? Why rush if you don't have to? Let the life unfold itself and enjoy the journey along. Sometimes, its good to wait a little longer for something. You cannot eat the fruit the same day you plant a seed. And remember, beautiful things comes to those who wait.

Don't seek happiness

Happiness is not for sale and yet we keep up the pace of searching it on a store or a shopping mall or the pages of ecommerce websites for more to fill the underestimated value of a void. Materialistic possession would never bring us happiness and fulfillment in our life - but most of them would take it away. Things would pacify us at their best and will ruin our lives internally at their worst. Happiness is not out there, its in YOU.

Don't underestimate your health

If you've ever suffered from an illness then you may know the importance of well-being. Pat yourself on the back if you are reading this article with a good physique. Don't take your health granted for anything as nothing comes before it. Its your only real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver because without it, nothing else really matters in the world at all.

Let it all go

We, being human, often fall in the trap of keeping sentimental things which do not add value in our lives. We believe that keeping those things will remind of our past memories. But our memories are not in things, its in US. Anything which do not serve you any longer on your journey or which do not bring happiness or contentment - whether its the clothes in your closet, books in your bookshelf or a shitty relationship - Just. Let. It. All. Go.

And what in the world is stopping you from being you? ITS YOU!


Decluttering is making room for what matters to you. A clean workspace motivates us to do more by keeping our attention focused. If you haven't used any of your belonging for last 90 days; its time to donate them. Delete the apps, files, songs and photos from your phone, laptops and other devices which doesn't serve any purpose.

For the last few months, I've been using just around a dozen of external apps and wearing a couple of trousers, shirts and underpants which I use and wear almost everyday. That's why I get immense value from them.

Sort out your finances

We all want to live an independent and comfortable life; a life without debt and financal irregularities. If you've a pretty good command over your financial status, its great! But if you don't - its time to create a budget and spend accordingly. Clear out all your unnecessary debts and start saving each month. Saving even a penny each month could set you free from financial in future.

The box of relationship

Every relationship - friendship, romantic or otherwise - matters in life. Its a beautiful series of gives and takes. Every relationship has a box of 'Box Of Contribution' in which both the person must contribute together to get the most out of it. If you're contributing at your best without getting anything in return, you'll feel used, taken advantage of. And if you only take, you're parasite, a bottom-feeder.

Embrace the change

The hardest truth is that we all want a different and better outcome but we are so scared to change even a little thing in our lives. Its a mammalian nature. Change is a series of various discomforts which we don't want in our life.

But when you start embracing it, i.e when you enjoy the process of change, then you get to harvest the rewards of change. This is how we grow.

Being imperfectly perfect

No, I'm not perfect and I can never be. I have flaws in me. I make mistakes, bad decisions, I regrett, I fall, I stumble - like a mixed bag of emotions and actions. I am a human as you are and you are perfect. Maybe its the imperfections makes us complete.

Meet new people

People are awesome because everyone around us harbors and cultivates an art inside. Some are painter, thinker, writer, musician, photographer, blogger and developer etc etc. So keeping yourself exposed to such people will automatically help you to open for new ideas and would change the entire perception about life.

Meaning of life

We are accustomed to think that life is about gathering all the salts of the world and that's how we can achieve happiness. But the irony is that the more you keep gathering it, the more miserable and despondent you become.

Life is all about the contributions you make in the lives of others. If you keep sharing it with people, it gets doubled - otherwise it becomes zero. Giving is living. Life is simple: continuously growing as an individual and keep contributing to other people in a meaningful way and that's the meaning of life. For me, the best way was to start a blog.

The Commodification Of Love

It seems like we've programmed ourselves that buying gifts is a true sign of showing someone how much we love them. A 'love-language'. Love is transcendant, not a transaction of gifts we give on holidays and birthdays to one another. It can only be shown through our thoughts, actions and intentions. I mean, there's nothing wrong with giving gifts, but don't fool yourself by associating gifts with love - love never works that way.

Direction is more important than goal

Atleast it is for me. In my teenage years, I used to be a goal-oriented type of guy. But as I surpassed those years, things changed and so my thought process.

These days, my life is different and now, I no longer have goals. Instead of running after an arbitrary goal, I would prefer to have a direction in which I travel. I mean, if you want to see a sunrise, its important to be headed east and for sunset, west.

These were some of the life lessons I learned in my two decades of existence on this planet. Soon I will be 23 and the modern science says that our cells replaces itself after every seven years making us a completely new individuals. And if it's true, I would like to start this upcoming new year with a new spirit to read more, to learn more and to grow more and also to live a meaningful life.

Next year, we will be bringing many new learning and thinking materials for our readers across the world and we're already working on it. So stay tuned!

Lastly, Thinking Tales wishes you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR and may the year 2020 bring you beautiful moments, treasured memories, joy, peace, contentment, happiness and all the blessings my heart can make. May your 2020 be minimal.

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