The Power Of Small Wins

10th August 2018 | Reading time: 7 min
By Rakesh Singh

The power of small wins
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his is how I stumbled upon the idea of fabricating a website of my own. With zero knowledge about creating a website like the one you are reading, I didn't had any slightest of idea where to start from. No one taught me anything about building a website. So I decided to make it on my own. Its never too late to learn something. I set myself out by concocting two lists. The first one held unaccomplished tasks, everything that needed to be learned while the other one occupied with the accomplished tasks, things I learned. But everything starts with coding. So, at first I had to teach myself how to code. On the first one, I jotted down the tasks of learning web languages like HTML: responsible for creating main framework or body of any website, CSS: to beautify the appearance, Java Script: which controls the behavior and functionality of page, PHP: for processing reader's credentials, SQL: for maintaining a database like the subscribers and list went on with the things such as domain, hosting, SSL etc which needed to be tackled down before publishing it on the Internet.

Now the work needs to be in progress. I started working on things I noted down and began building 'Thinking Tales'. I struck off a particular task the moment I thought I had learned sufficient coding and puts it on the other list. Over the course of time, one list was getting vacant and other overflowed with completed tasks. But everyday learning about website wasn't something that kept me motivated but by watching the progress I was making. It feels good when you observe the progress you are making and it was more than just a feeling. It was the biggest motivation I had ever felt. This is how I came to know the power of small wins and kept learning little by little, day by day.

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