Are You Spending or Investing?

1st February 2019 | Reading time: 7 min
By Rakesh Singh

Are you spending of investing it?
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aking better decision if one of the best skills we can ever develop. Good ones save your money, energy and time. Making decision on how you are going to use your 24 hours is something you can do. But this article is basically concocted to help you know the fundamental differences between spending and investing time. Time is just like money, you can either spend it or invest it. You can't see or touch but you know it's there.

So how do you differentiate between spending and investing anyway? For instance, we all have something to achieve in our lives. Suppose if someone want to be a writer or an investor or a actor or something else, so he must use his time accordingly. More clearly, if you want to be a writer then you have focus on your writing skills or if you want to be a investor then you must use your time in knowing how the money works and similarly if you want to be a actor then you must take time to improve your acting skills. That's how you will be investing time.

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